Latest Mishap

If you're not a 'fan' of Tad's on Facebook, then you're likely missing out on all sorts of stuff. You can 'like' his support page by following this link: www.facebook.com/theabandoneddog There's tons of pictures, updates, and other random stuff there for you to check out. Including some of Tad's other friends who may need your help.

Speaking of Tad's Facebook, and you potentially not being a fan...you probably missed out on hearing about his latest...'doing'. :)

I've been in crutches since Monday. I decided to take the boy for a run on Sunday night...and needless to say, we toppled over each other shortly after starting. :) I had xrays Monday, and if I can't walk by this Monday, then I have to have an MRI. There's a gnarly picture of the wound on my knee on his Facebook if you care to look...but, it moderately resembles strawberry jam, so if you can't stomach that...don't peek! :)

He's costing me a fortune! From the camera to the injury without having insurance...who knows what's next!? HAHA! But, the boy is totally worth it...and the love he has for me, you know I'd do it all again.

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  1. Possibly we need a Tiffany Knee "chipin." We could do it ... you know we could. :D