One Heck of a Day

I really haven't been able to capture Tad's personality for y'all...so, that's what I did today. :)

Be sure to watch parts 1-6, so you don't miss out on anything. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing (and no, I didn't mind the cold popcorn, the wait was worth it!) So heartwarming to see Tad so very happy and healthy! As for the grouchy dog not wanting to play, poor Tad! My lab diligently tries to persuade grouchy dogs to play too... he just can't take no for an answer. Happy Days Tad, enjoy every minute of your wonderful life! <3

  2. Tad is a sport !! I love the spirit he's got ! The lovely heart spot on his head screams Luv'Bud:)
    Thank you for sharing the videos Tiffany, I'm very very happy to see he's an happy & lively pal.
    Have a great Sunday with your loved ones! Cheers!

  3. We love what you've accomplished with Tad, and how he is really part of your family of animals and people! Great work Ms. Tiffany.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. OK... Feb 2013 and now FINALLY got to see video of Tad after all his operations and crikey!!!! he has got hair/fur! He has been off leash! Thank you for these videos and I have to say the Vet Clinic you work at is so "fur"passing the one I attend. First off it is great to see the young Lad there (obviously a child of one of the Staff) and also in earlier videos when Tad bed ridden I loved that intensive care area. Tell the young Lad to BLOW on Tad's nose to release the toy.... he held on longer with the child rather than those adults who have shown more authority over him since adoption. Love, love these blogs. DO THE INDIE FILM