Buns' Update

Initially, her name was to be Jane Doe...but, that just doesn't flow as easily as 'Buns!' when she's running at full speed through the clinic and you nearly die from blunt force trauma while dodging and trying not to Hulk stomp her. That's just a small update, though.

This thing is going to be jam packed with a LOT of Buns updates!

1. Name change. We covered that. Phew!

2. The EYE. Ugh. The eye...it's a sore subject, literally, if you ask her. It's still there. It's about 1/2 the size as her 'living' eye, and it is most likely dead. It does move, but I believe that to be the muscles surrounding it that move it around. It's very red, very cloudy, and very creepy. She mostly keeps her eye lids closed on that side, and we scoop out the 'infection' every couple of days. Gross, I know.

3. The JAW. Well...she had her teeth filed and clipped that one time, and come to find out I was quoted by a receptionist about $20 for this procedure, incorrectly. It's actually about $600 or so for the procedure. O.o ...I about died. Her teeth were trimmed and that was that, however...we still need to address her back molars. They are being ground down (by Buns) into points because of the way her jaw is aligned. It hasn't fused...and she still has full range of motion with it. She grooms, eats carrots, and continues to munch on her own pellets and any dog/cat food she can find at the clinic. Strange little mammal.

4. Diet. She is eating well. No mush needed and she has no trouble with pellets or other hard veggies and fruits. Strawberries are her favorite. Zucchini can rot in a lava filled compost hole. If you asked her, that's what she'd say.

5. Activity. She is VERY active during the day. She runs all over the clinic sometimes. If a cat is in her way, she'll push them out of the way. Buns is Queen Buns, at the clinic. Unless Ilene is around. Ilene is ALWAYS queen. However, at home...she rarely steps out of her travel crate. She relaxes completely in it, but opts not to walk around my house. If I take her out, and place her elsewhere...she makes her way back to her crate/kennel. She's happy there. *shrugs*

6. Medicine and Upkeep. She gets a strong oral antibiotic in the evenings now, as well as an oral pain medication. She gets an antibiotic eye ointment, that she is...MOST supportive of... :/ ...I hope you got my sarcasm. But, she gets that eye ointment two-three times a day. The minute you put it in...she digs it out, little bunny turd. Her medicine costs roughly $120 every 5-6 weeks, depending on how crafty I am at stretching it.

All in all, she is completely rotten and is never 'caged'. She is a free roam wild wildebeast who has no tolerance for feet or cats in her way. Her motto? 'Buns' way or the highway.'


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