Peanut, Butter, and Jelly

Peanut - Day found, after one meal.
Before I begin, I want to tell you how these puppies came to be. (I realized I haven't yet posted them here on the blog. I must remind you...Tad's FB really is the BEST way to keep up with the daily happenings of all that is Tad and his friends.)

Three weeks ago, a woman entered the clinic with three pibble puppies in her arms. She explained that they were trying to eat her goose eggs in her cow pasture. They were starving. You could see their little bones...it just wasn't fair for the babies.

What a crappy start, you know?

I took them in. I called up a good trustworthy rescue friend who offered to help me with placing the babies. I told her that I could hang onto them for a bit, but because of Tad...it wasn't ideal.

For two weeks, we kept the Itty Bitty Pittie Committee at the clinic. We treated them for various parasites, started their puppy shots, and putting weight on them. We took them out in public a few times. We even took to them to a pet store in a shopping cart where they were held by every single person who walked into the little shop. They were ADORED. We knew we wouldn't have a hard time finding them a home. For as many against-pibble people, there are exactly as many for-pibble people.

We didn't have to wait long for the first baby to go. Little Butter, she was adorable. She was sweet, playful, and super cuddly. The woman interested in adopting her has her own dog training business, and explained that she would like Butter to be an 'advocate for her breed'. She wanted her to be at social events and to be a spokes-doggy. We thought this was an exceptional placement. We were super excited. I mean, there couldn't have been a better sounding home.

Side note: Do not ask for this person's business name. I will not share it. This is not about that. This is about the puppies.

Butter - Two weeks after being found.
The woman seemed to be in love. Butter seemed to be just what she'd been searching for. We had no reason to believe this would not work out. We'd heard good things about her previously from trusted sources.

She paid Butter's adoption fee (non-refundable). But, then she never showed back up for Butter. No calls, no show until the next afternoon. She explained what had happened that it was an honest mistake, and we sent Butter to her new home. It was bittersweet.

A week later, we received a call that it just wasn't going to work. She explained that Butter cries all the time. She said that she has anxiety in the car and that she's taken her on 15 different social events/outings. We were told Butter pees all over herself and is just way too timid and shy for what she wants.

Can we first remember that we are discussing a 10 week old puppy? A puppy who was previously dumped in a cow pasture and starving to death three weeks ago. A puppy that has NEVER been without her litter mates. A puppy who has no idea who you are or what you want her to be. A puppy who is a normal abandoned puppy.

I wanted to believe that she had legitimately tried. But, in 7 days, that is not enough. You didn't try. You threw a dog into the lifestyle you wanted it to live and it doesn't work that way. We were told that 'within a couple of days you can tell a dog's temperament' when we explained that she is just a puppy and all of this trainable. Nothing is permanent in a 10 week old puppy. NOTHING.

I am angry, of course. I mean...what kind of 'training' situation, causes a puppy to pee all over itself when it's NEVER done that before. But, I must also remember that I don't know 'every single detail'. Therefore, if I did not witness it with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears, I will keep details and my personal opinion of this situation aside to the best of my ability. All that matters is that Butter is back with her sisters, and is available for adoption...again.

She did not fail her first home. It failed her.

Oh, and because I didn't include a picture of Jelly...can't leave out the Queen Bee. ;)
Jelly - Two weeks after being found.


  1. she is glad to be back im sure!

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    Lovely Read!