It's Peanut, Butter, and Jelly Time!

When I first met Peanut, Butter, and Jelly...I knew I could not keep them. I knew that I would have a hard time finding them homes, and I knew that I would need help placing these tiny babies with a rescue and/or permanent homes.

Before I accepted them, I called a good friend who is very seasoned with this sort of thing (and this breed!) and she agreed that we could take them on.

During their stay with me, Butter was adopted and promptly returned. (See the initial PB&J blog entry.) Butter remained with me, and her sisters for another week. On Wednesday, a tragedy happened. Something so horrible that we, as dog owners and lovers, NEVER want to happen...let alone witness.

One of my co-workers recently adopted her first dog from another co-worker. He was an older dog, had been found by her after being hit by a car. He was never claimed, and so the dog was vaccinated, neutered, microchipped...the whole 9 yards. During this time, the co-worker (who ended up adopting him) wanted to foster him because she adored him. Things were set in motion, and Oswald went to live with her. A few weeks had passed and they'd placed him in puppy training classes (even though he is already an adult dog) and then she also had another trainer enlisted to help Oswald learn perimeters. He was notorious for clearing fences and getting to the road; hence why he was likely hit by a car earlier before he was found. Minutes before his second training session, Oswald was in the front yard (leashed) doing his business. Something caught his eye, and he broke free. Long story short, he was hit...again. Only this time, for good. We fought hard to save him, but we were unsuccessful.

The co-worker (both, honestly) were devastated. It was her first dog. Her first dog that was her sole responsibility. It was truly a horrible situation and she is suffering so.

Her mother advised adopting one of the puppies. Not to replace Oswald, but to keep her busy and in time, perhaps bond with a puppy as she had with Oswald. I recommended they take the puppies home for a weekend. Just try them out, play with them, even if they aren't interested in adopting, they would at least have some good puppy therapy to recover from their recent loss.

Jelly, Peanut, Jack, & Butter
The puppies settled in nicely over the course of the weekend. They met many farm animals, other dogs, all kinds of new people. They were pretty tired by nightfall.

The first puppy the family decided on keeping was Peanut. They loved how cuddly she was and of course, she IS adorable.

Why stop at one?! They also decided to keep Jelly, too. They loved that she was going to be MASSIVE and that she was a total personality. So personable and also ridiculously adorable, though I may be a bit biased. ;)

Once their final decision was made, I headed out to pick up the remaining puppy, Butter.

I felt bad for Butter. She was the first to go, the one everyone said they wanted when they saw the litter, but here she is again...returned. It sounds like I'm condemning my co-worker's choices, I'm totally not.

I am thankful that they were able and willing to adopt two puppies. I think they'll be pleased with their pair and this also means we'll get to keep up with them as they grow.
Peanut & Jelly

Once I had Butter back, I called to my rescue-friend. She was happy that she was only getting one puppy, too. We always like to hear of positive adoptions! By this time, Butter's life has spun in a crazy criss-cross-circle thing, and she had some stress vomiting on Saturday. By Sunday evening, that was gone, but she still had some stress diarrhea. The rescue-friend was okay with this, and I explained that Butter was covered as far as costs, thanks to her support group on Tad's page. (Seriously, thank you guys for everything...seriously.)

When we arrived with Butter, she met a few new puppies, but they were a bit much for her right away. It's best to let Butter acclimate to the new foster parents first. We set Butter up with a nice big happy kennel that would be all her own, and went over a few important things before saying our good-byes and heading out.

I got word yesterday evening that Butter made a new best friend, a little white pibble puppy about her size, and that she was doing well.

So, what happens to Butter? Butter is STILL available for adoption through me. However, she still doesn't have a permanent home. We are working towards getting baby Butter in with a rescue group either here in Texas or farther North to get her better exposure and a better guarantee on her life-long care.

I am sad for her, I am. Her whole world has just gone crazy. But, I know that in the end she will have a great home and all this stress on her and on us will be worth it.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting Butter, please have them contact me and I will get you in touch with her new foster mom, who is WAY better at finding suitable homes than I am. tiffanydieringer@gmail.com

In case you forgot, this one is Butter... 
Butter, after being returned the first time.


  1. Sooo sooo happy to hear that!
    Thank you for taking such a good care of theses pups!
    Butter will soon find her forever home, with pillows of love!
    Love you all!
    Keep up with the amazing work!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. where are you located??

    1. TAD is in Montgomery TX (outside Houston). I'm sure Butter's foster is in the same area.

    2. Yep, that's correct. We are about an hour North of Houston in Montgomery, Texas. - tiffany

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