Oh, Tad...

Each and every day, Tad gets a little bit more obnoxious. On Tuesday, his unruliness became too unruly.

You may or may not know, but I own my own photography business, Minha Vida Photography. I have a very important shoot on Friday (tomorrow), and so I had my camera out at work to practice. I have my camera out every day, so this was nothing new.

However, I had the camera set up and attached to my tripod. Tad came charging past to get to the front doors, as he always does, and in my effort to catch him before he got there...he plowed through the tripod.

Yep. You guessed it. Camera comes crashing down to the floor...it even bounced a little.

After getting the Tad-beast under control, and getting him back to the back...I went to the fallen innocent bystander.

The bottom is cracked, and the lens...well, the lens still works...but only 1/2 way. Only close up. Okay, okay...that's fine. But, my big job tomorrow is photographing a million dollar property listing for a local realtor. Close up photography is not going to be needed.

Yes, yes...there was a bit of panic. I played with it all day...and last night, I decided that I had no choice. I HAD to get a new lens...no matter what. I MUST have something by Friday morning.

So, Charles and I rush out to Best Buy...I figured at the least, I could put it on the credit card. I HATE my Best Buy Credit Card and I urge all of you to NEVER get one. Either way, I had no choice...I absolutely had to get a new lens regardless.

Well, turns out...Best Buy doesn't sell that lens seperately. So, we had to drive to a camera store about an hour from home and we talked to a guy there for a good long time. He played with my camera and tried different lenses and all sorts of other different things he knew how to do. He declared it is my lens, and not the entire camera...thankfully.

As far as the crack, I asked about ordering the bottom piece to replace it...and he said it's going to be super expensive, and I'd be better off just gluing it back together. I don't mind that; especially if the camera is functional. I don't care what it looks like, necessarily.

Well, to send the lens off for repair is about $115, and takes 4-6 weeks. That's not going to work...I need it by tomorrow. He also does not sell that lens by itself...figures.

So, I asked for the next best thing...and he brought up a new lens...I shall refer to this darling as 'gold' because it costs about as much. Heaven's...worst part, I couldn't use the credit card because it wasn't Best Buy. :/

But, oh well...you do what you have to do and you just look at Tad and shake your head. You can't be mad at him...just look at his cute face.


  1. Yikes! If that happened to my fiance's camera he'd probably be pissed! At least you were able to solve the problem...and you know now not to leave your camera on your tripod when Tad is around. You live and you learn, right?

  2. Aw, that really blows :(.. The things we put up with from our animals! I completely understand.. My 40 pound dog (at the time) somehow moved the sofa to the middle of the room while I wasn't home, ripped up two of the cushions and ate the arm off of it.. Needless to say she had to be kenneled from that point on. Sweet little Tad, he's just getting so comfortable with his new life. He's never had boundaries or anyone to care enough to give him boundaries! Not to mention he's probably never felt so GREAT in his life that he doesn't know what to do with all the energy. I'm sure you know he'll learn in due time..

  3. I will come upon my little guy raining absolute destruction on everything around him. I am seriously considering strangling him and then he looks up at me and wags his tail and is so happy that I am going to join him in his fun game that I just can't be mad. I tell him the same thing I told my ex-husband "It's a good thing you are cute!" Fortunately for him, he is a LOT cuter than my ex-husband so I am keeping my little puppy boy!

  4. That's why they make pups so cute, so you don't strangle the little monst...darlings! Sounds like its time for Tad to learn some house manners. Good luck with that! LOL

  5. Well that was definitely some added stress you didn't need! I know you are still trying to find a good trainer but if you haven't started working on some commands with him, I think it might help if you did. The longer he thinks he runs the show, the longer it will take to correct it. Maybe some leash training to start and some basic commands. Can practice, sit, stay, leave it, etc. You shouldnt have to physically stop him from charging to the door once he gets that you are in control of him. He probably feels so good now and it's hard for him to not be so exuberant lol. Good luck with your shoot. Oh the one item I was waiting for came, so going to send off his package. I have a great book on training, if I can find it, will send that too.

  6. So sorry about that accident Tiff!:( What lens was it and for what camera? Some camera places rent out lenses..did you explore that option?

  7. Puppyhood! Been there! My loveseat still has scotch tape on it from where my darling pup chewed a huge hole three years ago (time for a new couch). But she is so darn cute.

  8. Well, we child proof areas and we also puppy proof areas. Sorry about the broken lens though especially when it's needed for work! You're an angel to Tad and he is enduring. In time, he'll settle down. I like what the one person posted above.....he's probably never felt this good in his life. That's awesome but yah, I would suspect that working on house manners is definitely on the agenda! THANKS FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH HIM!!! You are the best! :D

  9. Tiffany...My darling little corgi, who is paralyzed and has a wheel chair cart, ran across my computer cord and knocked by mac off of the table onto a stone floor. I was stupid enough not to have anything backed up and lost everything....The lessons we learn!! jeanne bowen

  10. Don't blame TAD, he's just a little boy....Shit happens. I can think of a helluva lot of better things to bitch about... <3

  11. Tiffany, my French Brittany Massimo was destructive too. Willfully so. He once ate a baby picture of my husband out of the frame. The glass was in one piece, the frame destroyed, and the picture never to be seen again. He ate my First Communion Missile that had been sitting on a dresser all 10 years of his life. He had never bothered it before, just decided on a whim I guess. The kicker was when he ate an entire cannister of Belgium dark chocolate flakes. That meant a trip to the emergency room for Massimo!

    It wasn't his fault. He was incredibly smart and clever and I didn't challenge him enough. Your idea in another post about agility training is a good one. I see some hound in Tad. Hounds need work. Good luck!!!