Almost Done

Tad had another skin scraping today. We didn't see any sarcoptic mange mites, to that's AWESOME...but, they are hard to find. However, he no longer has any of the symptoms, and with his hair regrowth, we assume that he is scabies free. The best part? ...I didn't get it from him! :)

We did find one demodex mange mite, and he was funny looking. Like, perhaps he'd been dead a while? Not really sure, but that's a good sign. We treated him with the Promeris one more time, and in three weeks we're going to scrape him again. If he's free of both mites, then he can start a normal monthly flea/tick prevention like the other dogs.


He is slowly but surely growing LOTS of hair. His elbows, thighs, and underside are still naked. The backs of his legs, too. However, he is starting to get freckles on his front legs and neck. Like, where he has 'black' skin, he has orange hair growing in, and where his skin is pink, he's got white hair coming in. So, looking at his skin...he should be colored very interestingly!