Meet Pickup

I came home on Thursday, and I could hear a really upset kitty inside the little truck of mine that had been parked by the road all day. So, I opened the hood and sure enough, there was a orange tabby! Or red/ginger tabby if you're super technical! But, anyway...he was obviously upset and not neutered, and so I just left him alone to calm down. I left the hood open over night, and when I got in to leave on Friday, I couldn't see him or hear him. I assumed he was gone.

So, I did my Friday duties...and after work went to hang out with my buddy, Anthony. ...apparently I left the lights on all night, and so it was not going anywhere by morning. I had to call my mom to come get me and take me to my Tahoe to go to work.

I called Charles and told him it might need a new battery, and singe drove out and popped the hood. He sent me this picture below.

Part of the car trouble I was having!

Since we still don't know the vaccine issues with the kitty, Charles poked the kitty with a stick and he jumped down and hid in the bushes next to the truck.

Charles got things squared away and was while stopping at a stop light on the way back to me, guess what he heard?

The kitty!

So, when he got to the clinic, Jennifer and I removed the kitty from the engine, and got him set up in a kennel for neutering and testing.

Meet Pickup - one determined kitty!

He is suuuuuch a sweet kitty! I'm surprised!


Meet Jake

If it is not ridiculously obvious, I have a massive heart...it is so massive, in fact, that I exhaust every possible effort before quitting...even if I must make some pretty significant sacrifices. It's who I am, and while it takes it toll on me, I am thankful for it...everyday. So many lack even a little sliver of heart...and it's so sad.

I want to introduce Jake, because you'll probably hear a lot about him in the coming weeks. First and foremost, aside from being heartworm positive, he is healthy. He's about 3 years old and he's not neutered; he's got to be a foxhound mix...he and I weigh about the same. To give you an idea, he's twice Tad. Keep that in mind, because in his pictures...he does not look that big.

I have known Jake since he first came to the family I took him from. In fact, I have puppy pictures of him here on my computer.

Before I start in on Jake's story, please remember that the idea here is to help him, not criticize or belittle his former family REGARDLESS of how we feel. We are in this to help save lives and make the world a better place for these animals. I understand the anger, the sadness, I feel it, too. But there is absolutely no need to fill this entry with hate and horrible wishes for his people. Please try to be a better person than that. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. We already know we're all already thinking it.

Jake belonged to someone I know, a family I've known a ridiculously long time. Jake's entire situation has been something that has made me irate from the very beginning. So, trust me...you may be angry, but I can promise you...you have nothing on me.

For most of the last 3 years, Jake was confined to a rope/chain/tie out. From puppy hood, he never had the proper socialization...and any dog left on a rope is a ticking time bomb. Jake is more like a nuclear weapon. He's reaching the end of his fuse. He is to the point where it has been requested that he be euthanized due to his aggressive behavior.

I absolutely refuse to euthanize a dog based off a behavior problem that has not yet been addressed by a professional. That professional I talk about it? Our trusted Uncle Michael, who has been amazing for Tad.

Jake can clear an 8ft privacy fence in seconds, and so he went from being confined to a rope, to be confined to a rope behind a fence. Imagine...3 years, nothing but that rope...watching the world go by without you. I think that you can imagine his frustrations and problems with coping.

It's my understanding that Jake has been escaping his little 'prison', so to speak, and wreaking havoc on the neighborhood and other neighborhood pets. Do I blame him? No way. Is he a bad dog? Absolutely not. Neighbors complain, and thus Jake is given to a new family. From what I am told, his original family was called to come back a couple of hours later and get him because no one in the new family could get near him due to his aggressive behavior towards them.

As an outsider, looking in, I see the massive bomb that Jake is. It won't be long before something happens that cannot be fixed and the county steps in to take over. I am not an amazing dog trainer/behaviorist, but working with Tad and Michael...I see things a lot differently than I used to, even more so after the reading assignment I was given.

I've seen Jake lunge at people, I've seen him attack dogs, namely my own. I've been told he lunges at children and strangers, and recently...I've been told he's starting growling at a baby who is taken care of during the day in this home.

Jake is sweet, kind, and loving to me and his previous family. He just wants scrubbies and belly rubs. However, he has many, many triggers and imagine the way I described Tad in the beginning with his behavior. Picture a dog nearly two times Tad, with aggressive behavior that is nearly ten times worse...and you have Jake. Believe it or not.

I love this face. What a happy boy.
 ...his former family, in my opinion, tries to candy coat most of the problem. I don't blame them, they love their dog dearly, and many people are often blinded by that love. I was, too, with Tad. I often catch myself being blinded again, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love this dog as well...thus, why he is now with me.

I will not be keeping Jake. Jake will need a home when he is safe to do so. In fact, he's spending his first of many, many nights at work in the farthest kennel in the back. He, like Tad, is a massive liability...and I can't even describe the appreciation I have for my boss, Dr. Holliday, who allowed Jake to live there until he's able to properly live with other animals/people. 

I've discussed him with Michael, who says that Jake sounds like a very hard case (Michael knows more of the story than I will share publicly-because I know many of you cannot handle it). But, hard does not yet mean impossible, and I believe Jake has his first appointment with Michael on the 1st. Cross your fingers, say your prayers.

Jake's pinch collar has been removed.