Adios, Martin!

As MOST of you probably already know, I decided to go ahead and remove Martin...even if it meant causing the Demodex Mange to get worse. If the mass is something scary, I'd rather sooner than later and take my chances with the mange.

And yes, on Tad's medical record...it does say, 'Remove Martin the Mass'. At Wags 2 Whiskers, we like to have fun. :)

Anyway, so after shaving the hair around the area...we exposed Martin, the true fiend.

Surgery went well, and if you'd like to see Martin 'actually' being removed, check out this picture...but, I do warn you...it is a picture from SURGERY...so, if you can't handle blood...don't look. Simple as that.

After surgery, which was barely 15 minutes, Tad went into recovery...which basically meant a king-sized pallet on the floor of the office where he sat with me until he woke up. However, we went to check on Tad's incision...and it turns out that the boy...erm, was bleeding...heavily. How heavily? Look at this picture...and again, if you cannot handle blood...you SERIOUSLY don't want to look at this picture.

So, while Tad was still conked out without a single sense of awareness, we had to pressure wrap his incision. Basically, that means to put a tight wrap to help stop bleeding. ...in a dog who is dead asleep and has an incision in such a weird spot, wrapping Tad was very difficult for Jennifer and I. But, we managed...

Of course, Tad would walk funny for the next few hours...but, what do you do?!

So, with Martin gone and the bleeding stopped...we have a nice pretty incision...that yesterday, while delivering Tad's Toys to the shelter, Tad tore open while jumping frantically around the truck. :/ ...so, it's not so pretty anymore, but here's the incision on surgery day.

We still don't have results, trust me...I JUST checked...hopefully tomorrow morning... *sigh*


  1. Thank you for all you do for Tad - he really is an amazing dog! Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  2. Well, jumping about in the van certainly let everyone know how well he was feeling :)