Point A to Point B

It was four months ago (tomorrow) that I first met Tad. I had every intention of euthanizing him and ending the most horrible suffering I've ever personally seen. You see the ASPCA commercials, you see pictures online, you read stuff in the paper...but I can promise you that it does not 'hit home' until you see it first hand. It's an indescribable feeling...one of heartbreak and one of rage. Who would do this? Why would they do this?

Most of the time...you will never get answers. I'm inclined to think that that's probably best.

I remember all of the people who told me to euthanize him. He had suffered long enough and I was selfish for trying to save him. Those who don't know the whole story still say that to this day after seeing his 'first' picture. I often wonder why it's the nature of many to give up so easily? Don't get me wrong, I would have given up...I would have let him go, but I wouldn't do so until he stopped fighting himself. It would have been more selfish to euthanize him, than to let him keep trying, in my opinion.

He never gave up...not once. He has been through so much in such a short amount of time, and look at where we are now. I look back at the last four months and how they flew by...had I euthanized him, I'd have missed so much.

But, it's not about me...so, I look back on them through Tad's eyes.

I understand now why he looks at me the way he does...

It is not a look that says, 'Mommy' or 'I love you'...but more of, 'You're my hero, and I owe you everything.' It's genuine gratitude, an expression of the most powerful way to say 'thanks'.

I understand now why he acts the way he does...

He has never been given a chance to experience the world without having to fight to survive. I don't want to be blasphemous, but Tad was 'born again'. This is new to him...these experiences, he needs more time. I must remember to be patient.

I understand why he does not let me out of his sight. I understand why he goes absolutely insane when he can't see me or figure out where I am. It all makes sense...and I don't know that 'separation anxiety' is the correct term for it.

I look back at his pictures and videos from the beginning, I don't remember him looking so bad. I don't remember the severity of his many issues. But, then I realize...these are pictures and video, you can't see 'him'. You can't see his will, his fight, his spirit...maybe that is why so many protested trying to save him.

Tad has overcome so much. My battles do not compare to the war the world waged on his body. His problems make mine seem so small... I try to remember this when I'm having a bad day.

When you've lost all hope...I hope that the story of Tad creeps into your mind, and I hope that you realize that this is nothing...you can do it.

No matter how you started out...just remember you can go from Point A to Point B...Tad did it in as little as four months.

Point A
Point B


  1. Woo hoo!! Tiffany and TAD you are very inspiring :)

  2. So well said... there's nothing more to say...

  3. We are glad you didn't euthanize him. He has turned into such a beautiful dog, and now he knows how it truly feels to be loved! What could be better than that?

  4. Beautiful, Tiffany, you've got me bawling all over my keyboard. You have a really wonderful way with words... and animals. Thank you for sharing Tad's and your story with us. You and Tad are our heroes.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Tad's story with all of us. It has helped me get thru some tougher times, watching him fight and thrive with your loving help. Please keep sharing him with all of us! Everyone could us a little Tad in their life!!!

  6. SO beautifully said. I believe you and Tad had a connection right from the start. Your hearts became intertwined and you fought for each other, neither ever considering giving up. The result has been nothing short of a miracle, a heaven sent miracle. Thank you so very much for sharing the journey with all of us.

  7. Tiffany - you always know exactly how to sum it up. It's especially true that the pictures don't show what you could see - the spirit, the will to live that Tad had and that you were open to seeing. I for one will be forever grateful that you turned around, for in doing so, you turned Tad's life around. Thanks for touching our hearts so deeply.

  8. Who saved whom? Inspiring. Thanks to both of you....(hugs)

  9. From such a sickly unloved animal to a confident healthy part of your family, thank you for caring. Maybe a little caring would make a big difference in our world. I think we should at least try.
    P.S. Juliet, my "found" dog is still with me. I didn't want to give her up to someone else. I wanted her to feel loved and secure so I decided to keep her here for how ever long she has left. She has her real home now. Thanks for the advise.

  10. I am amazed almost daily by the transformation in Tad. It has been such an honor to share his journey, Tiffany. thank you!

  11. I am grateful to you, trusting me enough to share this transforming experience of life. I think I already said this but it's important. I learn a lot, am inspired. Right now, Nico the Pinscher is sleeping on the chair I am sitting on, making himself. Nico was rescued from neglecting owners & follows me around everywhere too. I need to be tolerant, that is the right word :)))
    All the best, V

  12. Thank you for doing the right thing. When I look at Tad, I don't see just an animal who had it too rough to recover. I see a life, an internal spirit, a sentient being. And as long as that spirit is alive within the corporeal body, it is our responsibility to honor and protect it.
    Blessings to you and to beautiful Tad.

  13. I think I may have said it before, but just in case I didn't...your story gives me hope that there are still angels in this world. You and Tad were meant to be together. I look forward to the updates, the silly stories and the joy (ok, sometimes frustration) that Tad brings. Bless you, your family and all those that you help. I wish you a very long and interesting life together : )

  14. This story of yours, is inspiring and so beautiful. I really enjoy reading about Tad and to see his transformation to this gorgeous funny turtle-hunter is great. The world needs more people like you and if all were like you, it would be a lovely place, our Earth!!