Meet Pancake

I was grocery shopping on Wednesday and in just as we were getting started, I got a call on my cell phone. They'd almost ran over a puppy, and having a dog suffering from an Autoimmune Disorder currently in their home, they could not take her in. A few more calls were made and decisions made. We loaded up our groceries and headed straight there to pick up the nearly pavement pancake (thus the name, Pancake).

It is very, very hard for the clinic to adopt out kitties...let alone puppies! ...but, we couldn't say no to her wee face. I mean...seriously, could you!?

She is not microchipped and seems to be in overall good health, other than being super hungry at first. She is loaded with intestinal parasites and fleas, and we are slowly working on getting those out. Yesterday, while delivering toys for Tad's Toys, we were about 20 minutes from the beach...so, why not take the baby to get some cute pictures in hopes of getting her adopted!?

I will also add that she MAY already have a home, but her maybe-new-daddy is being deployed in the middle of October for three months. So, he is still in the heart battling brain mode over her.