Tad, kennel!

I have heard that some dogs take to kennel training naturally. I know that some dogs love their kennels, like Walker, who sleeps in his all night with the door open.

I was worried with Tad. I didn't really know exactly what to expect. But, with his aggression and house-abuse, I needed to do something.

A lovely Tad fan donated a large kennel for Tad, and we started.

I had to push Tad in the first day, and he settled down with his chewy and was fine. The second day, Tad went in on command. By the third day, I stood at his crate getting a treat out of the bag and he bolted into Walker's kennel with Walker! I was so excited. This morning Tad went into his crate without being told even before I had the treats. I had my phone and keys in hand, usual leaving the house signal, and he went right in.

You guys, I'm so excited. This alleviates soooo much stress in our house...and I know it's helping Tad.